I know you are based in Geelong, but what other areas do you service?

Buckby Electrical service clients, whether residential or commercial, in and around Geelong, including the Bellarine, Surf Coast, Werribee, Wyndam City, Colac, Otways, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

I’ve heard about having many of the electrical appliances in my home automated. Do you do this?

Home automation can be retro-fitted, or built directly into any new property. Complex subsystems, such as heating, cooling, audio video distribution and lighting control can all be made to work in harmony with very simple controls. Our home automation systems control anything electrical in the home, providing enhanced energy saving and convenience.

Does home automation help with energy reduction?


1. By automatically turning lighting, heating or air-conditioning and ventilation off at certain times of the day or during certain conditions. For example, if the temperature drops below a predetermined degree the heater turns on, or if it is daylight outside the lights turn off.

2. you don’t have to constantly check conditions yourself and rely on remembering to turn appliances off or on. Using your lighting and appliances less often uses less energy, saving you money and making your home or business much more energy efficient.

What is MATV?

Multiple access television (MATV) gives you the flexibility to see free-to-air, Foxtel, or closed circuit television (CCTV) in multiple locations. It is basically a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify signals and distribute them from one central location to many.