Whether residential or commercial, Buckby Electrical offers electrical maintenance by a licensed electrician to your home or business.

We work with private homeowners as well as facilities managers and maintenance managers of large residential or corporate premises to ensure that all electrical systems are completely safe. We will outline any issues we encounter and carry out any work that needs to be completed to ensure the safety of your home or business.

For quality work by licensed electrical contractors Geelong and district businesses should seek Buckby Electrical for maintenance services such as energy efficiency and safety audits, test and tag inspections, lighting checks, emergency and exit lighting and any other checks involving electrical components. Domestic maintenance work by our licensed electricians includes checks and repairs to ceiling fans and power points, lights and air conditioners, stoves and fuse boxes.

The list of electrical maintenance work by our licensed electricians  is as long as the electric devices and appliances that you find in homes and businesses. Contact our office for a full breakdown of the maintenance work Buckby Electrical performs in Geelong and across the region.

Buckby Electrial also provides electricians for energy efficiency projects, electrical design and technology and communication to Geelong and district.