The role of electricians has transformed in little more than a decade or two. Modern technology means that electrical contractors have to be experts in a wide array of fields, including technology and communications.

Buckby Electrical in Geelong invests heavily in training and accreditation to ensure its staff are at the cutting edge of the latest technological advancements. Whether it’s home automation Geelong householders require to ease domestic workloads, audio visual systems for home theatres, data and communications, intercoms, security systems and even the installation of fire detection devices, Buckby Electrical will be involved. If it requires power, it involves Buckby Electrical.

The communication lines are always open to Buckby Electrical so get in touch to find out how our professional team can help you incorporate modern technology and communications into your home or business.

Home Automation

Your household appliances, your lights, your computers, your mobile phones, your heating and cooling and more, all used to work independently. But now, Buckby Electrical in Geelong can help you can truly integrate your electrical, multi-media and telecommunications technologies into one single user-friendly solution, making your home a smart home. Home automation can include centralised...

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Audio Visual Systems

Buckby Electrical’s experienced licensed electricians in Geelong design, supply, install and service audio visual systems in both residential and commercial locations and projects. Our specialist electrical designers will work with a new build or project of any size, ranging from a family home theatre room to a large conference room or school hall. Our designers...

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Data & Communications

Buckby Electrical’s licensed electricians in Geelong are highly skilled and experienced, providing you with a future-proofed cabling system to meet the requirements of your organisation, large or small. At Buckby Electrical we have vast experience in data cabling, fibre optic, UTP-case and twisted pair cabling, as well as installation of hardware such as switches, media...

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Intercoms & Access Controls

Buckby Electrical in Geelong can supply, install and program door and gate intercoms, both audio and visual, as well as access control systems, remote controls and all types of door and gate automation. And as always, we design each intercom and access control to suit your specific site requirements, whether for a residential home or...

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Security Systems

Safety and security are the two key qualities that provide you with peace of mind about you, your family, your possessions or your business. Home and business automation can connect your lights, alarms, web cameras, mobile phones and internet, ensuring you are protected at all times. Buckby Electrical can link your alarm to your lighting,...

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Multiple Access TV, CCTV & Foxtel

Multiple access TV (MATV) gives you the flexibility to see free-to-air TV, Foxtel or closed circuit vision in multiple locations. An MATV system is a network of cables and specially designed components that process and amplify TV and FM signals and distribute them from one central location to many. At Buckby Electrical we are smart...

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Fire Detection

Automatic fire detection and alarm systems are designed to warn building occupants of a fire, using smoke, heat or flame detectors to detect the outbreak of fire. Whether a residential home or a commercial building, the importance of adequate fire detection systems cannot be underestimated. The time between the outbreak of fire and commencement of...

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